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Call:  (281) 395-5935
Functional Fitness Classes in Katy...
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Tired Of Boring Gym Routines that Don't Deliver Real Results? Experience the SWEAT Difference!
Our SWEAT Functional Fitness program combines bodyweight exercises, kettlebell training, barbell workouts, and cardio-conditioning so that students get an effective workout in a short period of time. 

Each workout is different, so students can enjoy a variety of different workouts and exercises so you're always challenged and NEVER bored!
Join The Ultimate Fat-Burning, Muscle-Sculpting Workout Class Available In Katy!
Become Part Of The Tribe, Make New Friends, And Get In Your Best Shape Ever!
Our SWEAT Fitness Class is extremely welcoming and encouraging. We are used to helping people who have never trained before learn how to exercise safely and effectively with support from the entire group

We are not worried about the competitive atmosphere that many gyms seem to have nowadays and pride ourselves on making sure that we don't intimidate or discourage our members at all.  Instead, we use humor and encouragement to help our students get stronger and fitter
We Make Working Out Fun! Here's How....
As a member, you can expect to learn proper technique and exercise methods that may involve barbells, dumb bells, kettlebells, jumping rope, running, gymnastic exercises, and bodyweight exercises.

The workouts are different for every class, so you'll eventually learn a wide range of workout skills and techniques

Expect to get tired and sweaty! 

Also expect to get a great feeling of accomplishment as you see and feel yourself getting stronger and more fit.
Some of The Equipment You'll Learn to Use the Correct Way...
  •  Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  •  Dumbells
  •  Jump Rope
  •   Heavy Bag
  •   Rowing Machine
  •  Gymnastic Rings
  •  Medicine Balls
  •   Agility Ladders
  •  Balance Discs
  •  2K sq ft Workout Area
  •  ... and More!
With a Combination of Cardio, strength, and Functional Movement Training, it's a workout like no other!
Our "Secret Sauce" to Getting You in Shape...
(it's not what you think)
Most new students are concerned that they are too unfit to start. Some even want to 'get in shape first' before joining.

Our answer is that we will help you get started now, no matter how active or inactive you may have been in the past.  And, unlike other places, we won't try to kill you on your first workout. Our goal is to ease you into new physical habits that you'll fall in love with.

There's no need to prove anything to anyone, so do less than you think you should on your first visit.  See how your body responds to the training.  

Over the years, we have found that if someone comes in and pushes too hard the first day, they may be too sore to want to come back, and that does not help.
Others come in with various injuries and worry that they won't be able to work out properly. We are happy to adjust exercises within a workout or even provide alternate workouts so that existing injuries are not a problem.

Our students report feeling more energetic and happier after training consistently with us. They are better able to handle ordinary tasks, they move better and often without pain they once had.

Some students have even gotten off of blood pressure and other medications and feel better than they have in years. Stress levels are often lowered, and many report that they enjoy more restful sleep at night.
Finally, you don't have to be an elite athlete to train like one!  get all the benefits of "big box" gyms without all the intimidation and attitude.
Here's What You Can Expect From Your Very First SWEAT Fitness Class...
In your first class, you'll be given a tour of the facility to see where the various types of equipment are located. The instructor will discuss your current state of fitness and inquire about any health challenges you may have so the workout can be adjusted to accommodate you personally

The class will go through a quick warm-up to prepare the body and mind for the upcoming workout.  Following that, the workout will be explained in greater detail. 

Exercises will be demonstrated and questions answered so that everyone is clear on exactly what they need to do.  

During the workout, the instructor will be available for questions, tips and personal instruction as necessary. 

When the workout has been completed, you will have the opportunity to recover, stretch, and use the foam roller to ease your muscles before class is dismissed.
What Results can you achieve in our SWEAT Class?
In addition to increased strength, stamina, coordination, and flexibility, students enjoy a strong sense of belonging and family.
You know your classmates will be supportive, regardless of who is the strongest or fastest. 

In addition, many students report that their clothes fit better, or even having to buy newer, smaller clothes as their fitness level improves. Many find that their stress levels are reduced as a result of their training.

There are too many benefits of our training to list here. The best thing for you to do is to try it for yourself and get on the road to a better you!
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What is Functional Fitness Training in Katy?
Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.

Functional training is less about spot-training specific vanity muscles like biceps and abs, and more about getting stronger at compound movements you can use in real life. These types of exercises put less wear and tear on muscles and joints, and help improve coordination, balance, and stability. 
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