Call:  (281) 395-5935
Call:  (281) 395-5935
About Jade Mountain Martial Arts in Katy
The Instructors at Jade Mountain Martial Arts in Katy are all highly skilled and dynamic individuals.  Every one of us is focused on helping our students travel the path of martial arts. We, too, are all adults with families, so we understand the needs of both our Adult and Junior Students alike, and always strive to be of the best assistance possible.
Sifu Whit McClendon
30+ years Experience Northern Mantis Kung Fu
6th Deg Black Sash
Chen Taiji
Traditional Chinese Weapons
Kickboxing Instructor
Krav Maga Instructor, KMG
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
IKFF Kettlebell Instructor Lvl 2
Certified CrossFit Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Games Competitor
2 time National AAU Shuai Jiao Silver Medalist
Tough Mudder Enthusiast
4-Time Finisher, Houston Half-Marathon
Published Fiction and Non-Fiction Author
My Philosophy of Training and Teaching
"I've often felt that traditional martial arts today have been watered down in many schools, made less complex so that unknowing students would progress more quickly towards a black belt. This is done for the purpose of making more money, instead of helping the student acheive true mastery of themselves and their chosen martial art."
I specialize in helping ordinary folks take their first steps towards getting back in shape, or becoming fit for the first time ever. Most of my students don't intend to fight in the UFC, nor do they plan to compete in tournaments. They just want to improve their health and their life, whether through martial arts or through general fitness training, and I very much enjoy leading them along that path.

"I do believe in encouraging students to work up to their potential. I believe in being realistic in their training. And I believe in guiding my students along a path of challenge, discovery, and positive growth. There are no 1-year Black Belts in my school. Self-discovery is a process, and each student progresses at a different pace. My goal is to help each student according to their capabilities, and to make a change in their lives for the better. You can come to us as a complete non-athlete, and we'll help you become something more. "
"Whether you train at Jade Mountain briefly, or you turn out to be one of my long-term students, I promise that I will do everything within my ability to help you walk the path of Martial Arts, gain the rewards from your journey, and have fun along the way."
Sensei Paul Thomas
30+ years Experience in the Grappling Arts
Coached multiple BJJ Champion competitors,
Gi and No-Gi, Judo and MMA fighters.
2nd Deg Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
8th Deg Black Belt in Judo
Tamurra Cup Winner 1994
Texas State Judo Champion 1995
Bahia State Jiu-jitsu Champion (Brazil) 1998
National Sombo Champion 1999
Pan American Sombo Champion 1999

Trainer of Several Local, Regional and National Professional and Amateur Champions
My Philosophy of Training and Teaching
"Basics are really important. If you try a move and it doesn't work, you should be able to trace it back to a mistake in your fundamentals. By looking at all of your moves that way, you can go back and fix your technique and improve it. Spend the time to work on the fundamentals so that you'll have a solid base to build your game on. I personally coach all of my students, and seeing each one make progress is deeply gratifying for me. Whether you are a white belt learning their first arm bar or a senior student competing for a championship, I want to help you improve. Everyone can learn this stuff, and I love teaching it to anyone who wants to learn."
Kathryn Scott
2nd Degree Black Sash Instructor
Children's Program Director
Kettlebell Instructor
Krav Maga G2 Level Instructor
Gold Medalist, Forms & Weapons
CrossFit Games Competitor
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt
Ben DeBruler
Asst. Instructor
Black Sash Instructor
JMMA Sparring Instructor
JMMA Competitor
Silver Medalist
Chris Anaya
Asst. Instructor
Black Sash Instructor
Mike Diezi
Asst. Instructor
Asst. Jr and Adult Instructor
JMMA Marketing Consultant
Lifts very heavy things and is an amazing Captain America.
Tamer Ghoneim
Asst. Instructor
Adult Kung Fu
Without a doubt, the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Seriously.
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